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The Christmas trees are going up, the radio is filled with Christmas songs and the shops make it impossible to do a normal weekly shop. It is also that time of the year when I get ill, run down with my workload at University and find it impossible to get myself on a pole. For over 2 weeks I suffered from a nasty cold, my nose was running like a tap, my head was constantly pounding and trying to get a good night’s sleep was never doing to happen when I couldn’t manage to breath. That meant no gym, no pole and no exercise as I didn’t have the energy to move.

I’ve finally managed to get over the cold, but going back to pole was really hard, it felt like all my strength had been zapped! It was so frustrating to have to take the time to rest, but I just tried to remember what my mum has always said ‘when you’re ill just let your body deal with it and rest.’ Seeing everyone’s pictures of their news moves or pole jams they had been to made it even worst, but I decided the best thing I could do was let the cold take over and ride it out. I would never ever usually have such a long break from pole, but as my body was taking a long time to recover there was nothing I could do. I think its really hard to stay away from doing something you love so much, but that its key to let your body rest and recover from the illness. Hitting the pole again this week was a bit of a struggle, and I’m aching much more than usually, but it feels really good to be back, and hopefully that will be the worst cold of the winter out the way!

Now I’m back on the mend, and even better, I have finished all of my assignments for University for the remainder of the year, meaning I can put the time and effort I want to put into pole and the gym in the upcoming weeks before Christmas! Next week I have a grueling plan of aerobics classes, flexibility training, pole classes and gym sessions planned, and I’m actually looking forward to pushing my body to the max! One super duper good thing that came away from having a break from pole was that my shoulders weren’t hurting from shoulder mounting and on my first day back I managed to get a death lay!



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