7 things to buy a pole dancer!

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The great thing about a hobby like pole dancing is there are always great gift ideas for the pole dancer in your life. Pole dancing for fitness is a great way to get a whole body work out that eases stress and is a great time, supporting this passion is good for everyone involved.

1)     A pole for home.  Pole dancing is an athletic activity, an art, a work out improving pole skills and fitness requires dedication and work.  Sometimes it is easier to practice at home than it is to head out to a studio. I asked for my first pole for Mother’s Day, and I loved it until my needs changed and I wanted a different size pole and different finish, and one that had a spin mode.  Make sure you ask her if she has any preference in finish or diameter. Also make sure that you purchase only high quality products, a pole that flakes and rusts over time won’t make for a great mothers day, christmas or birthday present.

2)     Gift Certificate for classes at his or her favorite studio.  Maybe your loved one has been wanting to try aerial silks or aerial yoga- a gift certificate for that would be a great gift.  A gift certificate for her favorite class would be fabulous too!

3)     Gift Certificate for admission at a pole convention or a workshop.  There are more and more pole competitions/ conventions/ shows every year often pros who come through on tour have workshops or private lessons available.  Taking a private with a pole pro or even their favorite local instructor can do wonders for a dancers skills.

4)     Itunes or Amazon (or the like) gift certificate- buying pole songs gets expensive fast!  New songs are released all the time.  Dancing to the same songs 100 times can get old fast.

5)     Leg Warmers; winter can be cold! Cold skin and poles do not work well together.  Leg warmers are easy to put on and pull off so she can stay warm when she is not actively dancing.

6)     Pole Clothes; not just any workout clothes are pole worthy.  As a dancer advances she needs to have more skin to stick to the pole.  Pole wear sports bras and boy shorts are a popular choice.

7)     Pole Work Out DVDs Lucy Misch has some amazing DVD’s. Pole dancing at an intermediate or advanced level takes conditioning and time.

There are tons of pole dancer items available these days, shirts, ornaments, bags, grips you name it it’s out there, just a google away.


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