7 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is Taking Over!

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Pole dancing is taking the world by storm and is gaining more popularity as we speak. It’s no longer exclusive to shady strip joints and night clubs. It’s taking over gym classes and living rooms and more and more women -as well as men- are giving it a try.


It’s a Fun Hobby

When I took my first class a few years back, I didn’t anticipate getting hooked on it. Twirling around the pole and doing inversions sure seemed fun, but I didn’t think it would be a hobby that would last. Turns out I was wrong. It’s no wonder pole dancing and pole fitness studios are sprouting up everywhere and more people are interested in learning the moves.


It Gets You Ripped

Pole dancing is a revolutionary form of exercise that can transform the body. It’s a great way to get a cardiovascular workout and tone the muscles at the same time. Many women choose to take up pole dancing because it’s an enjoyable exercise that builds up core and body strength, while simultaneously increasing flexibility and endurance. I personally found it hard to stick to an exercise routine because they were repetitive and boring, but pole dancing turned out to be the solution for me. After a few classes, as you start mastering moves, spins and inversions and realizing that your body is becoming stronger and more agile, you just want to do more.


It’s Becoming a Competitive Sport

As more people are becoming amateur or professional pole dancers, it’s getting harder not to recognize that they are also athletes. It requires the same dedication and discipline that other sports do, especially when pole dancers want to take part in competitions or become instructors. The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) was founded in order to promote pole dancing as a fitness regime, train and accredit instructors and organize annual championships.

Currently, there are a great deal of shows, championships and competitions that take place all over the world involving pole dancing. The rules regarding they way participants dress are strict. Nudity or provocative costumes are usually forbidden and participants might even get disqualified. This occurs in order to promote the athletic and artistic qualities of the dance and sport.


It’s Getting into Bodybuilding Expos

Pole dancers are also being represented with booths at bodybuilding conventions, like Arnold Classic and Fibo. In 2014, pole dancers had the chance to compete at the Arnold Classic, thus promoting pole fitness as a legitimate sport and introducing it to the mainstream.


Pole Fitness Might Become an Olympic Sport

The IPDFA wants to see pole fitness in the Olympics and is petitioning in order to achieve it. That way, it will become internationally accepted as a sport and regulated by specific rules and scoring guidelines.


It’s an Entertaining Performing Art

As pole dancing is becoming more popular, it is gaining a more diverse range spectators that acknowledge its beauty as a graceful and entertaining form of art. The impressive strength ability that is required for most tricks and inversions combined with breathtaking and rhythmic transitions is gaining an audience that is no longer limited to strip club frequenters.


It’s All Over the Media

Pole dancing is getting a lot of coverage on television, on the Internet and in magazines. Popular TV shows like Desperate Housewives have promoted it as well as a number of movies and there’s a great deal of YouTube tutorials providing tips and guidance for free. Additionally, more and more Hollywood celebrities are taking classes for upcoming roles or for fun, like Heidi Klum, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Aniston just to name a few.




If you ask me, pole dancing combines many qualities that makes it appealing to more and more men and women. Whether as an artistic form of expression, a new fitness trend or competitive sport, there’s one thing I’m sure of. Pole dancing is here to stay.


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