10 Celebrity Strippers – Why They Started

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Some fans and followers of celebrities could express shock or disappointment on discovering their male or female idols, once stripped for a living! Many on the other hand, will realize and appreciate this is one way to get access to a stage and literally show their natural talents and appearance to the best advantage.

Here are 10 of those now recognized celebrities, who did have everything it took!

1. Brad Pitt


Brad started on the stripping road to success when he was at college in Missouri, where he was initially employed to drive female strippers to their gigs and take care of their clothes while they performed on stage. He obviously had an inherent passion for the stage and fame, because he also formed part of an amateur male strip group, known enticingly for the girls who hired them for parties, as “The Dancing Bares.” Stripping changed his life when one of the pole dancers he knew and who attended acting classes, invited Brad along. As they say in the classics, the rest is history!

2. Catherine Zeta Jones


Before her acting career, the young, ambitious Catherine’s road to success started with her working as an exotic dancer, with the main reason being, a decision to earn enough money to change her nose! This art helped give her the knowledge and ability that was to stand her in good stead in the movie world. Catherine’s natural and developed talents in pole dancing and stripping saw her to stardom! This is a lady, who is a true thoroughbred!

3. Channing Tatum


At the age of 18, Channing Tatum was working as a roofer when he became a stripper in Tampa, Florida, using the stage name, “Chan Crawford.” His association with stripping was ongoing and catered for by Channing writing the script for a movie of this extraordinary side of life, called Magic Mike. It is one of the many instances of stripping for success!

4. Chris Pratt


When he was 18 years young, Chris reasoned that as he didn’t mind being seen in a naked condition, especially if he was paid for it. Working at birthday and bachelorette parties as a male stripper saw him achieve some success and he auditioned for a strip club. Although he didn’t make the big time as a stripper, it was an episode in his life that contributed in some way, to his success as an actor.

5. Eve


Eve was 18-years of age when she was stripping to make a living. She has been open about her past and working as an exotic dancer. This episode in her life was part of her journey to fame and is reflected in one of her albums. Although it was hard at the time, it helped this Hollywood star become a rapper, singer, and actress.

6. Javier Bardem


Javier had a brief career as a stripper at the age of about 20. Like many artistes climbing their way up the ladder to success, he was trying to make ends meet. His chance as a stripper came at a venue on amateur night, when they called for someone to perform a striptease. He did a 10 minutes gig and look where he is today!

7. Lady Gaga


This is one special lady who has seen the many and varied aspects of the entertainment business. The success and acclaim she now enjoys originated from working as a stripper in various clubs at the age of 18. She admits to being wild on stage, but it seems that energy was motivation for her success today.

8. Mark Consuelos


The star of “All My Children” and husband of Kelly Ripa went straight out of college into a roadie male stripper act in Florida. From taking his clothes off for fun, he decided to make a profit from it and in the process, found himself on the road to success in show biz!

9. Mike Sorrentino


Jersey boy Mike Sorrentino made his appearance as a stripper in an all-male act called the “All American Male” in 2004. “The Situation” followed his stripping career after Jersey Shore stardom, when in 2012; he appeared in his boxer shorts for a spray tan ad.

10. NeNe Leakes


Without a job or money and having the sole responsibility for her son, NeNe under the stage name of “Silk”, stripped to pay the bills. Now a huge success and a star, this courageous lady believes that this stage in her life helped her not only to survive, but restored confidence in herself.


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