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Established in 2001 Platinum Stages is the leading supplier of stripper poles in the USA. Since 2012 our UK branch has been supplying to UK and European gentleman’s club’s as well as nightclubs and exotic entertainment venues. We use only solid stainless steel and brass materials to produce our poles; we do not coat our poles in chrome or any other materials that could cause adverse reactions to people with sensitive skin. We offer fixed and removable poles for ceiling heights up to 6 meters as well as portable freestanding dance stages like the Star Stand Alone; one of the best selling stages in the strip club industry.

Our Products

We make dancer poles for almost any venue type. Check out our products below.

Portable stages
Our free standing stripper poles require no ceiling mounting and are portable so you can perform pole dance routines anywhere your imagination takes you.
Removable poles
Platinum Stages is the innovator of the removable stripper pole for easy storage and temporary venue use. No drilling or installation required for this ultimate dance pole!
Strip clubs and bars
The ultimate in stripper poles, Platinum Stages permanent spinning and static poles are perfect for your gentleman’s club, night club or bar venue. They come in a variety of diameters as well as the the option for brass or stainless steel.
Tall venues
Our Platinum competition poles are specifically manufactured for higher venues and have been put to the test in the pole fitness industry for many years. These poles are perfect for a dance clubs or large entertainment venues. We produce poles up to 6 meters in height!

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